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Wrestling mats set up for a tournament
Tournament Management

We provide full service bracket management.  Service includes pre-registration, online seeding meeting, and use of online bracketing platform.  Real time results, paperless bout sheets, elimination of traditional staging are just a few of the benefits that come embedded within our services.  

Snapshop of wrestling live stream with scoreboard
Live Streaming Services

Pandemic limiting the number of spectators allowed at your event? No problem!  By adding our livestreaming service, your event will become available to any FloWrestling subscribers.  Additionally, you can earn a financial percentage for any new subscribers that sign up through your event.  NOTE: Access to an ethernet hardline is required for this service.

Wrestling scoreboard (international)
Integrated Scoreboard Rental

Looking to take your event to the next level?  Set your event apart from others by using our integrated scoreboards.  Not only are these scoreboards a vibrant, aesthetically pleasing addition to any event, but they also provide spectators with information including competitors' names and schools.  Spectators will also know who is coming up as these scoreboards indicate "on deck" and "in the hole" matches.
Images representing DJ services including lighting
Production Services

We contract with a professional DJ company.  Through this relationship we offer additional production services such as DJ Services, Sound mixing, and Lighting production. If you're interested in adding that production value that will elevate your event from a good competition to a full-blown experience, ask us about these options.

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